KVP Football Charity Cup 2016


We are happy to congratulate Klaipeda Business Park Charity Football  Tournament 2016 winners – UAB AD MEN team, the second place winner – PHILIP MORRIS LIETUVA team, and we are very thankful to all the tournament participants and sponsors who contributed to this year's charity event.

This year's charity – kindergarten “Versmė” which is a second home for children who have developmental disorders. Kindergarten “Versmė” is taking care of children with special needs for almost 30 years.

Let us remind you that this organisation is working with children who have various developmental disorders like autism, neurological disabilities, development delays, Down syndrome and etc. This place is in a very need of sensory room where lights, sounds and smells would help children to calm down and feel safe. This years’ charity money will be spent for implementing sensory room.

Pictures from the tournament and final event you can see here

Monday (Group A)

Tuesday (Group B)

Wednesday (Group C)

Thursday (Additional game)

Friday (Group D)

Saturday (Finals)

Presentation about Football Charity Cup history and this year’s beneficiary you can see here

We would like to thank you very much for your support and help in organising KVP Football Charity Cup 2016.