Baltic Equity Group is a family owned real estate and private equity investment company. It made first real estate investments in 2003 and later expanded its investment profile to include private equity investments in the Baltics.

Baltic Equity Group offers a wide range of partnership possibilities to financial and industry partners and clients including, real estate investment and services, high quality premises for lease, private equity investment and company support services.

Investment Strategy

    Real Estate

  • Opportunistic commercial investment projects in the Baltics
  • Commercial development projects in Lithuania
  • High-end residential development projects in Lithuania

    Private Equity

  • Agri/food companies in the Baltics
  • Export orientated manufacturing companies in Lithuania
  • Service companies in Lithuania

Baltic Equity Group is generally a long term investor without having a fixed holding period for any investment.

Mission Statement

To obtain superior risk adjusted returns from a balanced and diversified investment portfolio with a commitment to professionalism, integrity and respect for our partners and social environment.


Baltic Equity Group is interested in joint ventures and partnerships with other investors and clients in real estate, private equity and service projects.

    Real Estate investment

  • Baltic Equity Group companies can provide real estate advisory, project sourcing, JV equity investment, financial services, and professional management services to other investors, financial and public institutions.

    Industrial, commercial and office premises

  • Baltic Equity Group companies can provide quality industrial, commercial and office premises for lease to potential industry partners and clients.

    Private Equity Investment

  • Baltic Equity Group companies can provide equity investments with wide range expertise and local knowledge to potential industry partners.

    Company Support Services

  • Baltic Equity Group companies can provide company support services including administration and accountancy services to potential industry partners.  

We base our co-operation on professionalism, transparency and mutual trust in order to achieve common goals.